Helping women find hope from the shadows of anxiety, stress and depression.

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Break Free From The Past - Counseling That Heals

You are no stranger to adversity but you've hit the point where you can't take it anymore. It has all added up to you no longer feeling safe, secure, or happy. Your childhood may have not been perfect, but you made it through even though it felt like a fight for your life. Now that you are grown with a family of your own, you find yourself tired and weary from all the challenges you face. You feel on edge, waiting for the next bad thing to happen. 

As a partner you no longer trust the person you once thought you would be with forever. You fear infidelity but don't have the proof yet you wonder why they have stuck around for so long considering all that you have been through together. You want to feel safe and secure instead of continuing to look for what is wrong and distancing yourself. Why can't you just love them?

As a parent there have been trials that no one prepared you for. But you have faced them, advocated for your child, help them navigate challenges while you fell apart alone in the bathroom. No one understands what it's like to parent your child, their special needs or extreme behaviors. You carry so much shame but you just want to feel peace and confidence with all that your family has faced.

As a spiritual person you try to trust and have faith, but you end up shaking your fists at the sky wondering with the stress is ever going to stop. The sadness and anxiety is with you always and your belief in what is good about you, how you can cope, has drifted away. It feels like you are wandering in the dark without any light shining in. The heaviness of it all has taken its toll and you need more than just a prayer to lean on.

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You don't have to find all the solutions on your own. Your past doesn't define you. I help men and women with painful pasts, find the courage to do their life differently. They implement real change, and move out of resentment, fear and burnout. Through tools in and out of our sessions together I will work with you to decrease that depression or anxiety, the knee jerk reaction you feel so often in your relationships and begin to feel recommitted to a healthier and happier life. I will be your partner in the healing process, your encourager, strength finder and teacher, helping you regain your strength and discover the beautiful full life you've been longing for.

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I think it’s about time you put yourself first. Your own needs should remain your #1 priority. As a woman—when you finally learn to care for yourself, by embracing resilience you will have reclaimed your life...
— Shon Howell