Counseling for Parents

Chaos. That is what it feels like to come home everyday and try to help your struggling child. You’ve got therapy, the tutoring, and all the support they need, but that hasn’t left any support for you. It feels like just when you have it figured out, something else happens and the needs of your child change. Then all of your energy is spent on trying to get things back to a less stressful place for the family.

But inside, you want to scream—every now and then, you do scream, because parenting should not be so difficult. As you sit each day, wondering if you are capable of providing what they need, you secretly covet the life of your friends whose children have met their milestones and behaves properly. You don’t dare share any of this with your friends. You imagine they just have the normal struggles of parenting and if they only knew what you went through...they would be shocked.

Parenting doesn’t come with a step by step manual, especially when your child has special needs or your family is going through major stress such as divorce or a mental health crisis. I help parents to slow down, regain their own sense of calm and confidence and parent in the way that really works for them. My clients feel supported, heard and equipped with parenting tools most aligned with their parenting style.

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