Relationship Counseling

  • You’re a wife and mother—You woke up this morning and realized that your home life has become unmanageable because you’re preoccupied with the responsibilities of another person’s behavior.

  • You’re the top employee—you hurried into work this morning and you realized that you are stressed because you’ve once again overcommitted yourself to an unreasonable boss who degrades you.

  • You’re a college student—who when you visited family you realized that you can no longer conceal the destructive and addictive cycle of behavior that keeps you away for so long.

  • You’re a girlfriend—When you dressed in front of the mirror this morning you realized you no longer identify with your appearance —you feel stuck in a controlling relationship and have no idea how to express your needs.

    Preserving relationships can be challenging.  The impact of trauma and stress can threaten the stability of both professional and intimate relationships. That's where I help. My clients come to me when they are at the end of their rope with their marriage, their parenting, their friendships or their work relationships. They are tired of communication cycles that only hurt them more and more. They leave feeling empowered, confident and clear about what they need and how to get it. 

I provide counseling, tools and therapies that can shift not only how you think about your life but how you change the relationships in your life to be healthier. I can support you in your journey to mend unhealthy relationships and find balance and healthier connections.